HomeGrown Cup 2021: Social Cup Edition (Barcelona)

Frequently Asked Questions


Due to the corona crisis, we will be doing a special 2020 ‘HOME EDITION’ of the HomeGrown Cup on December 18-20 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. There will be no private meeting place to judge. You are expected to hand in your entries on Friday, December 18 in Tilburg on a later specified address. On December 19, you can pick up a judge pack for every entry on the same address. You cannot only enter, you have to come pick up your judge pack.Judging will commence at home or a place you rented (for foreign competitors). You’re expected to send in your scores through a digital application after which we announce the winners digitally on our social media in the evening of Sunday, December 20.


2015 saw the first edition of the HomeGrown Cup, leaning on an old tradition of celebrating the annual agriculture harvest at the end of the season. The 2016 edition was held on December 17, 2016, in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). The 2017 edition was held on December 2nd, in Tilburg (the Netherlands). The 2018 edition was held on December 15 in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). In 2019 we did two cups in one year for the first time, on June 15th and December 21st. In 2020, due to the corona crisis we’ll only be doing one cup for outdoor and indoor from December 18-20, HomeGrown Cup: Home Edition.

Can I buy tickets to this event?

There are no public tickets available (or judge packs for sale). However, competitors must pay 35 euros per entry (max 3, in different categories) to enter for the 2020 edition. For each entry you get a judge pack. You can hand in your entries in Tilburg on December 18 and pick up your entries on December 19. To judge, you will receive a link to an online application. Scoring needs to be in by Sunday evening. On Sunday evening December 20 we will digitally announce on our social media channels the winners.

When & Where

The 7th edition of the HomeGrown Cup will be held from December 18-20, in Tilburg (the Netherlands) and at home.

How much do I need to enter?

You can find the quantities in the registration form. You cannot send in your entry. After your registration is confirmed, we will communicate how and when you bring your entry (or multiple).

HomeGrown Cup in the Media

‘Een big shout out naar de organisatie om het dit jaar mogelijk te maken en growers een podium te geven.’

Gweedo over zijn HomeGrown Cup ‘Home’ Edition deelname, cannabisindustrie.nl (2021)

‘Het leuke van een evenement als de Homegrown Cup is het contact met de andere deelnemers.’

Derrick Bergman, Highlife Magazine 2019

‘The 2017 HomeGrown Cup was a perfect example of how cannabis goes beyond healing individuals and can heal communities, too.’

Bill Griffin, Marijuana Times (2017)

‘At a secret location in the Dutch city of Eindhoven last month, around 70 cannabis growers, concentrate producers, and cannaseurs gathered to take part in the second annual Homegrown Cup. Their charge: Judge entries in four different categories: outdoor, indoor, traditional hash, and concentrates. (…)’

Derrick Bergman, Leafly (2017)

HomeGrown Cup History